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One of our favorite website is without a doubt this free bitcoin site freebitcoin . Every hour you can earn Satoshis here at the touch of a button (Satoshi is 0.00000001 Bitcoin). Ok, if you sign up you will only earn a handful of Satoshi and unless the bitcoin price shoots to € 1,000,000, this is of course not profitable at all.

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But… take a few steps and earn your FREE bitcoins faster. And yes… 100% FREE. All it takes is a little time.

First things first: Sign up with Freebitcoin and log in to your account. Of course you roll first if you can and now click on REWARDSat the top . Now scroll down a bit until you see the blue buttons and now click on FREE BTC BONUS . This is where your first profit is, make sure you have reward points and you can exchange these for a bonus that goes up from 10 to 1000%. That means that for every ROLL you can immediately earn 10 – 1000% extra. You get these reward points by clicking ROLL (1x per hour) = 2 points and you get 1 point for every 500 Satoshi you “play”.

Playing with the hi-low game?

I myself have discovered that playing this game is NOT lucrative. In fact… it will cost you coins. But… if you are just starting your  Freebitcoin adventure it can be fun to try something and it certainly can’t hurt. Certainly not because you can also earn reward points with it.

Bonus of 532 Satoshi

532 Bitcoin bonus

I myself have a BONUS of no less than 0.00000532 EXTRA within 2 days (*). That means I grab an extra 532 Satoshi EVERY hour. I did this myself by depositing 0.005 Bitcoin (about 35 euros) into my account and I bought Lotto tickets from it. This resulted in this bonus which is unlimited.

Of course I regularly use my reward points for extra bonus and so I can quickly, very quickly earn FREE bitcoins in a few hours.

(*) The amount of Satoshi you receive is highly dependent on the Bitcoin price. The higher it is, the less you get.

So not free !?

Ok, this has cost me “35 euros”, but I have certainly not lost those 35 euros. They are in my account and with this I have not only earned an extra bonus, I also receive INTEREST on my saved bitcoins . A win-win situation if you ask me… So, step 2: If possible, put some bitcoin (at least 0.0003) on your account. (I buy INTEREST on my saved bitcoins through INTEREST on my saved bitcoins )

>> Create Your FREE Account Here With INTEREST on my saved bitcoins<<

Is Freebitcoin safe?

I have been active on the platform for some time and have now earned a full BTC with a minimal investment (read, the money is in another account and not in my bank account, but I have not lost it…) of a total of 350 euros! One Bitcoin (and counting). For the record. A bitcoin is currently (2017) currently worth more than € 6,000. Not bad right? And me, I’m waiting a little while to sell my Bitcoins, because I still see some growth …. Withdrawing FreeBitcoin to my Bitvavo account went quickly, smoothly and without any problems. Oh… and WITHOUT FAIRY! So really 100% profit…

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100% FREE

Really free? Yes, really 100% free earning your Bitcoins. No strings attached, no obligations, nothing.

No risk

You can also earn free bitcoins completely free, without obligations and without any risk!

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