Interest on your bitcoins

An investor or entrepreneur is always looking for a way to increase the value of his money. An investor will look for a good company or product to invest their money in ( Bitcoins maybe :-)). But if you go for security, you (normally) put your money in the bank and you got nice interest for it.

Currently, a bank is no longer really an excuse. If you’re getting interest at all, it’s probably only less than 1%. We personally believe in the future of bitcoin. We think bitcoin will rise even further . With the thought that bitcoin will certainly go up, your invested money will be worth more. But what if you get INTEREST on your bitcoin…

More than 4% interest on your bitcoin

As you may have already read on this website, you can earn free bitcoins . But what if you can also grab (more than) 4% interest on your bitcoins. Then it can get really interesting. ESPECIALLY if, like us, you are convinced that the price of bitcoin will continue to rise.

Prefer a calculation example?

Suppose you now have 1 bitcoin. The current value is around € 6,000. You get an annual interest of 4%. So in 1 year you will have 1.04 BTC. Suppose you leave your Bitcoin for 5 years and the price remains unchanged. The calculation then becomes:

Starting Value: 1 BTC
After Year 1: 1.04 BTC
After Year 2: 1.04 + 4% = 1.081 BTC
After Year 3: 1.081 + 4% = 1.125 BTC
After Year 4: 1.125 + 4% = 1.170 BTC
After 5 year: 1,170 + 4% = 1,217 BTC

Suppose the bitcoin remains unchanged in all those years. So you would start with € 6,000 and after 5 years this would be € 7,302. A free profit of €1,302.
But… now the price of bitcoin is also going up and (let’s keep it modest), the price goes to € 15,000. Then your bitcoin is suddenly worth € 18,255.

A free profit of € 3,255. And then we kept it modest!

Do you also want to receive interest on your bitcoin?

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