? Earn money online?

Earning money online is certainly possible! There are literally 100’s of ways to make some extra money online. The first step to ask yourself is:

There are many websites that claim that you can earn a lot of money online. Sometimes up to 10,000 euros per month. And to be honest, you can probably do that (I’m proof), but you have to invest!! It really doesn’t just happen. You CANNOT make $1,000 online doing nothing (or at most a few clicks).

Invest time or money?

Investing doesn’t always have to be money! In principle, in order to earn some extras online, you must be prepared to invest time. Time to work on a business or plan. In addition, you will notice that once you have a plan, it is more convenient to have some starting capital. It doesn’t have to be thousands of euros, but that also depends on what you want.

For example, if you like to invest in Bitcoin like us, then of course the more capital you have, the more you can invest. (You can also earn money for free , but it will cost you a lot of time).

There are more fun projects that you can invest in. The internet is full of opportunities. Here are some tips.

But how do I get (free) Bitcoins?

1. Buy Bitcoin and leave it alone. Grab 4% interest

This is our own tip and we use it ourselves: Buy bitcoin, put it on a site that gives interest and WAIT!! If you want to know everything, see our strategy here: let bitcoin do its job . This has already saved us THOUSANDS of euros!

Good luck and remember: Earning money online is certainly possible, but it doesn’t happen automatically

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