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We have been dealing with Bitcoin since 2017 and read a lot about the digital currency of the future, the technology behind it and of course what this future will bring.

To get straight to the point: One of our favorite websites is without a doubt this free bitcoin site freebitcoin .

Immediately a big DISCLAIMER : Free bitcoin is initially a site that I made as a kind of casino-like gambling site. Once you have put your bitcoins on this, you will be “seduced” to play with it on their website. For example, you can play a simple HI/LOW bet game, you can bet on sports results, you can buy tickets for a lottery, etc. Of course you are not obliged to anything and if you do not want that, there is nothing to worry about

Why do we think this is our favorite site?

First, you can earn FREE bitcoins . Every hour you can participate in a free free roll where you can earn up to 200 USD in bitcoin. This is absolutely 100% free and 100% risk free. This costs no deposit, you buy nothing and you always win (a little).

But we think the real power of Free bitcoin is that they give INTEREST on the bitcoins you keep on their site. And that’s a very interesting option. The interest is (only) 4.08%, but you don’t have to do anything for that.

Personally, we see bitcoin as an investment for a longer period of time, so we are happy to take that 4% interest. After all, if the price of the bitcoin itself were to rise by 100% in a year, the interest rate would also rise by 100%. In other words: If we have 1 BTC in our wallet, then at the end of the year there will be 1.04 BTC in the wallet. And if the price has increased from 20,000 to 40,000, then that 1.04 BTC is worth 2.08 X as much. As far as we are concerned it is really a WIN-WIN situation!

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Is FreebitCoin safe?

Without a doubt 100%. We have been active at since 2017 and the company itself has been around since 2013! They have over 40,000,000 users worldwide. A company of such enormous size cannot afford not to operate safely.

We have regularly taken payments to and from the site and that always goes without any problems and (depending on how busy the blockchain is) super fast.

The only risk is that you might be tempted to take a chance with one of the games they offer you. It can of course pay off, there are plenty of people who have earned whole bitcoins at once, but… every winner has at least 10 losers. So be careful!

Important, please note!
Wheel of Fortune - Claim your free spins today

To become a member of, sign up for “Wheel of Fortune – Claim your free spins today”. You will then receive an email from every day, giving you one free spin per day. While you always win something, there is always a chance that you may hit the jackpot.

100% FREE

Really free? Yes, really 100% free earning your Bitcoins. No strings attached, no obligations, nothing.

No risk

You can also earn free bitcoins completely free, without obligations and without any risk!

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