Let bitcoin do the work itself- strategy 3

This is strategy 3. Our favorite way to make easy money!  This is actually our most profitable way, it’s just a bit boring. You don’t have to do (almost) anything! All you need is some starting capital. The more you have to spend, the more you can earn. We have been using this method since 2017 and have earned quite a bit over the years. This method is 100% safe, no strings attached, scam, scam or weird practices! Ready for? Comes the step-by-step plan:

Create a FREE account on this site  (freebitcoin) and then come back here to continue reading… (just enter your email address, enter a password and say you’re not a robot and you’re done).



Now that you have an account you need to put bitcoins on this site. You can do this directly by clicking on “deposit” and then “buy bitcoins”, but we ourselves recommend Bitvavo , which is a nice (Dutch) broker where you can easily exchange Bitcoins with iDeal. You then only have to transfer your bitcoins to the site, but that is very simple:

Go to Bitvavo, open an account and press BUY . Now you can indicate for how many euros you want to exchange Bitcoin. This strategy requires you to have a MINIMUM of 0.00035 BTC (actually a little less, but transferring will also cost you a little bit). If this is successful, you still have to transfer your bitcoin from your Bitvavo account to your freebitcoin account.

Simply go to your freebitcoin account and login and click DEPOSIT . There you will find your own Bitcoin wallet address. A series of numbers and letters. Copy this address and then go back to your Bitvavo account. Select Bitcoin, press SEND and select Send to a Bitcoin address. Now paste the freebitcoin address in the address bar and choose your amount. Since the end of 2020, the regulation has become somewhat stricter and you have to prove to Bitvavo that this is your own account. The Bitvavo site tells you exactly how to do that. It will take a little longer, but you know that everything is done safely.

If everything is successful, your bitcoins will be transferred from your Bitvavo wallet to your Freebitcoin wallet fairly quickly and you are ready for the real strategy. The time how long your bitcoins are transferred from one wallet to another can vary enormously. Sometimes it is arranged within 3 minutes. Other times it can take hours. It is close to the hustle and bustle of the digital highway!

Earn free Bitcoins!

So Bitcoin Fauchet websites. This way you can gather Satoshi together. These websites, in turn, earn through advertisements, a small percentage of payouts, etc. And they value you as a “gatherer” with free Satoshis.

>> We have 3 strategies for you. Which do you choose? <<

And NO, no strings attached, no investments, no risk, not illegal, etc! The average yield can be up to 500-800 Satoshi per hour, but you also have the chance to win bonuses. I myself am one of the lucky few who regularly grab a bonus and I have already got my first “full” bitcoin and I have already earned a return of more than 1200% in about 3 years. And I’m far from done…

So be smart too and pick up the money!
Important, please note!
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