Our step-by-step plan to earn free bitcoins – Strategy 1

This is the step-by-step plan I follow to collect FREE bitcoins! And NO, no strings attached, no investments, no risk, not illegal, etc! The average yield can be up to several hundred Satoshi per hour, but you also have the chance to win bonuses of up to 200 USD per hour!

Create a FREE account on this site  (freebitcoin) and then come back here to continue reading… (just enter your email address, enter a password and say you are not a robot and you’re done).



Log in to your own account and scroll down a bit. You will now see a button with the text “ROLL” on it. Click on that (you may have to prove you’re not a robot) and it will spin the counter and give a number between 0 and 10000.  CONGRATULATIONS! You have earned your first Bitcoins (read, first Satoshi). 99 times out of 100, the number turned will be less than 9885, entitling you to a dozen Satoshi. By the way, you can get lucky and grab up to 200 USD worth of Bitcoin…. (I haven’t succeeded yet, but hey… it’s possible)

EVERY HOUR you can click ROLL again and at least a number of Satoshi will be added to your account. Also do this as often as you can ( ** TIP ** DOWNLOAD the Freebitcoin app on your phone ! You will be notified when you can do another freeroll!). A few Satoshi at a time doesn’t make much progress, so we’re going to earn some bonus! It all sounds complicated, isn’t it:


At the time of writing this text, the default value was 28 Satoshi per spin. But this number is highly dependent on the current value of the bitcoin! In my example, as you see below, it is possible to earn up to 570 Satoshi per hourearn satoshi and bitcoin for free

And then of course it gets a lot more fun. Since you don’t have much in your account yet, probably 28 Satoshi now is the time to start earning that bonus.

How do you earn the bonus?

Ok, it sounds crazy what I’m about to say, but you have to bet your Satoshis now and you’re probably going to lose them all. Pay attention, that doesn’t matter, because in an hour you will get new ones! But… it will pay off, because as you can see above, that 10.9745% has to go all the way up to 100%. Then DOUBLE your number of Satoshis per hour.

Then you will bet all your Satoshi’s again and try to clear your bonus as quickly as possible. You do this until you have unlocked everything and you are at the maximum of 570 Satoshi per hour. (By the way… this number CAN and WILL be different, as it depends on the actual bitcoin price!)

Ok, how it works: Click on MULTIPLY BTC  at the top of your account  and there you will see a very simple “gambling game” (don’t be scared now…). The game works very easily: You can guess whether the counter comes HIGH (hi) or LOW (low), where with a normal bet HI everything is above 5250 and everything below 4750. The attentive reader will notice that there is a margin of 500. This is the “profit” of the website and that is why I advise you to read what I think of the Multiply BTC game BELOW this article…

Make sure you play this game AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. YES !!!! At some point you will lose ALL your Satoshis again. No worries. Within the hour, you can roll again and get new points. The goal now is not to earn Satoshis, the goal is to clear the bonus and thus earn more per hour.

My tip: Set your system to AUTOBET as follows (see also screenshot below). Click AUTOBET. Set the base bet to 0.00000003 (so change the 1 to a 3). Set the Bet ODDS to 2.67. Now press START AUTO-BET and the game will run. You will now win and certainly lose some Satoshi. DO NOT PANIC !!! Just keep playing until you’re probably out of balance.

However, take a look at the  main page again and you will see that the percentage has increased, maybe even over 100% and is ready for the next bonus! Repeat these steps until the complete bonus is won. This may take a while before your full bonus is cleared. This of course also depends on whether you are lucky and you win more than you lose and therefore can play longer before your balance is 0 again and have to wait for the freeroll.

Okay, so step 1 is actually your bonus. You have to unlock it as soon as possible, because that will give you extra coins EVERY HOUR/EACH ROLL. But by playing the Multiply BTC game you also earn REWARD points! You can use this later to “buy” EXTRA bonus. So a win-win situation.

Click REWARDS in the top menu. You can see your number of points here. Won’t be much yet (you get 2 points for every roll and 1 point for every 500 Satoshi you play with HI/LOW). 

Now you will see more things that you can buy with your REWARD points and I recommend you to use them for the FREE BTC BONUS . If you already have 32 points, you can “buy” this bonus. Personally, I’d keep saving if I were you. The bonus is only about the base amount of the 28 Satoshi. 10% sounds nice, but it’s only 2 Satoshi (because it’s rounded down). Saving up to 100% or maybe even 1000% yields the most.

You can also pay out your rewards points, but you have to save that, up to 100,000 points.


Note, the Multiply BTC can be a lot of fun and I know that there are many readers who win quite regularly with the game. Especially with the settings I gave you above. MAAAAARRRRR…. The game is made in such a way that the house, read Freebitcoin is ALWAYS the winner in the long run. You certainly won’t be the first to raise his bets after a few good rounds and end up losing ALL his free bitcoins earned!!

So be careful not to play this too long and too often and keep the bets low. Once your freeroll bonus discussed above has been cleared, you should bet as little as possible. Of course you can quickly earn a lot of Satoshi’s, but (and I speak from experience :-(…) you can lose so much already. It is mainly and only good for your reward points!

However, if you want to continue with this, you are actually already in strategy 2, gambling with your bitcoins .


The very best step you can take is to ensure that you will receive interest in your account. This interest may not be high (4%), but the RETURN is very attractive , if you understand the idea behind it.



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Success with it!!


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