Strategy 2 – Gambling for Bitcoins

This is strategy 2. A very risky way , but it can go very quickly to earn a lot of bitcoin (Satoshi) for free. You do have to invest a bit or you must have already earned some free Satoshi from Strategy 1 . Note, the more “play money” you have at your disposal, the better it is and the longer you can keep this up.

Create a FREE account on this site  (freebitcoin) and then come back here to continue reading… (just enter your email address, enter a password and say you’re not a robot and you’re done).



Now that you have an account, it is wise to invest a (small) starting capital. We recommend Bitvavo ourselves , which is a nice (Dutch) broker where you can easily exchange Bitcoins with iDeal.

Go to Bitvavo, open an account and press BUY . Now you can indicate for how many euros you want to exchange Bitcoin. Note, this is a risky strategy, so limit it and only trade what you can afford to lose. If this is successful, you still have to transfer your bitcoin from your Bitvavo account to your freebitcoin account.

Simply go to your freebitcoin account and login and click DEPOSIT . There you will find your own Bitcoin wallet address. A series of numbers and letters. Copy this address and then go back to your Bitvavo account. Select Bitcoin, press SEND and select Send to a Bitcoin address. Now paste the freebitcoin address in the address bar and choose your amount. Since the end of 2020, the regulation has become somewhat stricter and you have to prove to Bitvavo that this is your own account. The Bitvavo site tells you exactly how to do that. It will take a little longer, but you know that everything is done safely.

If everything is successful, your bitcoins will be transferred from your Bitvavo wallet to your Freebitcoin wallet fairly quickly and you are ready for the real strategy. The time how long your bitcoins are transferred from one wallet to another can vary enormously. Sometimes it is arranged within 3 minutes. Other times it can take hours. It is close to the hustle and bustle of the digital highway!


There are a number of ways to multiply your Bitcoins now once you have them on freebitcoin .

  • betting
  • lottery
  • Multiplying BTC

Betting : Allows you to place a bet on various things. Think of sports results, positions of crypto and popular shares and you name it. This goes without saying. If you think at a sports result that team A will win or that the Bitcoin will end at a certain position at the end of the month, you can place a bet on it. It can be very lucrative. The sooner you make your bet, the higher your winnings will be if you win.

Lottery : We don’t do much with this ourselves, after all, we have no influence on this. But if you want you can buy (extra) tickets and hope you win a nice prize. There is a draw every week and the winner usually gets a few thousand euros worth of bitcoin in his account.

Multiply BTC : Personally we think this is the most fun, but also the most dangerous part of this entire website. You can (and will) lose a lot of bitcoins with this method. However, if you are a little smart about it and don’t want to be too greedy, you will find that you can win big quickly!

The game itself is super simple!  There is a counter and this gives a random number between 1 and 10,000. You must bet (gamble) whether the number is a HI (high) or a LOW (low) number. With the standard bet any number between 1 and 4750 is LOW and any number between 5250 and 10000 is high. You see that there is a small GAP between them, which is the profit for the house. The observant reader will immediately see that you can NEVER win in the long run! But it’s just like in the casino, if you have succeeded (and smart bet) you can indeed take the advantage to you.

Method 1

We actually always play with 2 different methods that we alternate. In the video below you can see method 1. With this method we make a manual bet of 1 Satoshi. We bet on HI (or LOW, it doesn’t matter) and press BET in succession and watch the outcome. If we see that we are 4 or 5 x in a rowIf we win or lose, we will increase our bet considerably. We then bet (for example) 1,000 Satoshi and choose opposite to what has just fallen 4 or 5x (so suppose there has been a high number 5 times in a row, then we go LOW). If there is indeed a good number, we put the bet back on 1 and start again. If there is another wrong number, we double the bets and keep doubling until it comes out right. The more money you have in your account, the higher your raised bet. So instead of 1,000 Satoshi, you make 100,000. Note, it is more common that you have to double up to 5x!So make sure you really have enough balance, otherwise you will lose everything. We also recommend doing this method only a few times per session. Optionally, you can do 2 or 3 sessions per day.

Method 2

The second method that we often use is the autobet method. It takes a little longer to earn the same amount of satoshi as the previous method, but we find it a little safer. The idea is very simple: We set an autobet, where the computer itself makes a bet every time. The great thing about freebitcoin is that you can adjust many things to your own wishes. We use a well-known principle from the gambling world, the Martingale principle. This means that if you make a bet and you lose, you double your bet. Until you win, then you go back to the base bet. You can set this up very easily: First you select your base bet. Leave the odds at 2. Indicate whether you want HI, LOW or alternately. Set a PROFIT and LOSS. In this video we didn’t wager a LOSS because we play quite low, but we do recommend it. You won’t be the first to lose his entire bankroll!

Then at the ON LOSE tab choose to increase the bet by 100% (double). Don’t forget to tick the “DO NOT REFRESH” button if you are also participating in the freeroll. It has happened to us that the system stopped because there was a freeroll, just when we made a few mistakes. Shame about these losses. Now you click START AUTOBET and you can … (drink coffee, wash the car, etc).


WARNING: Of course a very big fat disclaimer. The above methods are dangerous and have a very high risk of losing your saved bitcoins. The fact that you cannot double indefinitely can cause you to lose once. Unfortunately, we too have lost everything. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK and only play with money you can afford to lose. 

Also, don’t play too long and don’t get too greedy. If you have won a hefty amount, stop for that day and continue the next day. If you have won a large amount, your bitcoins will be deposited back into your bitvavo account to cash out.


Ok, let’s say you’ve made a lot of money playing, then it might be a good idea to stop risking losing everything and switch to our 3rd and safest strategy: Let the Bitcoin do its job.


Important, please note!
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